Green wheat growing in a field

What is Durum Wheat?

Durum (Latin) or Duro (Italian) translates to "hard", so when you see "pasta di grano duro" on a packet of pasta it means pasta made of hard wheat. Durum wheat is a specific variety of wheat grown for its high protein content, usually 12-15%, which is ground to a fine sand- like texture to make semolina. The high protein content is what gives pasta a firm bite which cannot be achieved using common bread wheat. Recognisable by its golden colour, durum is nutrient rich and provides a beneficial source of dietary fiber which is easier to digest.

For Duro Pasta we source all our semolina from Bellata in northern New South Wales as the growing conditions of this region are ideal for durum, gaining the area the title of "the golden durum triangle". This single origin wheat is sustainably grown on the family owned farms of Bellata Milling who have been farming in the region for generations. The wheat is then milled at their state-of-the-art mill which was custom built on the outskirts of nearby Tamworth.

Bellata Milling produce some of the most highly regarded durum wheat and have gained a cult status amongst pasta makers because of their consistency and quality.

Photo supplied by @bellatagold
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